Southern California Vizsla Rescue
  Southern California Vizsla Rescue - Relinquishing a Vizsla

Sadly, life sometimes brings changes that require the surrendering of a dog. This is never an easy decision, but necessary none-the-less. If you find you cannot keep your Vizsla, or you know someone who can't, please contact us right away. As breed rescue, we have applications from people wanting a dog and have experience with them. Vizslas are not for all households, and we are very successful in finding appropriate homes for these dogs.

All dogs need to have a 'profile' filled out with the known information. This would include things such as the breeder, age, medical, likes, dislikes, socialization, lifestyle background etc. This information allows us to make the best possible placements for individual dogs. If you have taken in a stray and have no information, we ask that you do your best, but certainly will not turn you away because you don't have complete information.

Some situations require that we get the dog into a foster care home immediately. In other cases, families elect to keep the dog until a home is located. We strive to remain flexible and work each case on an exclusive basis. We have foster homes stationed around the Greater Bay Area, each one offering a unique setting for the dogs.

If you locate a dog in a shelter, we appreciate being made aware. Not all shelters are well staffed and many cannot take the time to call rescue groups often. We do not like to see Vizsla in shelter settings as they do not tend to do well in that environment.

Please contact Julie King at if you have any quesitons about this process.

The Southern California Vizsla Rescue rehomes Vizslas that need a good loving home. Unfortunately we cannot take aggressive Vizslas or dogs that have separation anxiety. Our rescues must live in homes with families that have dogs, children, and work during the day. If you have a Vizsla that has aggression or anxiety then we suggest that you contact a behaviorist and consultant with your veterinarian. If you need a referral, we would be happy to email you referrals.



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